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How to get Spotify Premium for FREE in 2020

spotify premium free 2020

If you need to know how to get Spotify Premium for free, you’re in the right place. We’re going to explain point by point how you can get a free Spotify account to play thousands or millions of songs ad-free and offline.

Most probably, your Spotify free Trial has expired or the price is too huge to purchase a premium version. Don’t worry, you’re in the best place right now. This app is the easy way to find the right music or podcast at any time. You can listen to your favorite singers on a lot of devices. The app works on iOS, Android, Mac, PC, Smart TV, PS4, and Xbox One.

To tell the truth, if you need to download music, enjoy non-stop music without any ad interruptions, play any song on your mobile device, or just have unlimited skips you need a premium version.

There are two plans available for the premium version. The individual (chepeast option) $9.99 per month and Family $14.99 per month.

To make this clear, we have a list of free Spotify Premium accounts that will be shared with everyone who needs to listen to your favorite songs. In either event, keep reading so you can learn how to do it in November 2020.

Spotify Premium Free

There are a lot of possibilities to obtain Spotify premium free on iOS and Android. Here, we’re going to explain the methods that you can use.

First, OPEN the Spotify account generator to receive a premium trial for an unlimited period of time. In any case, you can use a mobile device to access the generator because it works faster.

spotify account premium

Spotify free trial

If you need Spotify for 3 months free of charge, we’ve got the solution. For instance to get the spotify trial period, you need to create a new account in their app. But, when the free month of Spotify is over, you have to pay.

Nevertheless, if you need to try, you can consider this option. Follow the next steps to receive spotify 6 months free:

Go to the official Spotify website or press the “Spotify 90 Days Free” button below πŸ‘‡

  • First of all, choose a plan
  • Now, build an account with your information
  • The final step is to enjoy 3 months free of charge
  • Don’t forget that your premium plan is free for 90 days and that if the plan is over you will be charged automatically
  • To conclude, it’s a good way to save money, but it’s never going to be free. Check below to see how to get spotify premium for free on iphone and android

However, if you need a free account and not a trial, I’m going to tell you how do you get spotify premium for free. We share a list of free Spotify accounts and password.

Click the button below to get Spotify Free or read below. πŸ‘‡

Are the Free Spotify Premium account secure?

In addition, we have received many related questions, we want to make the answer very clear.

Yes, it’s 100% safe and legal, you can only use the trial version that Spotify offers for each new account.

Every 3 months the trial period is updated automatically, you can use the app without restrictions and without ads.

You can open the generator, you don’t need a password, you just need to enter the name of the account.

spotify secure account

Free Spotify Accounts and Passwords November 2020

We have compiled a list of spotify accounts and password that are shared with you. Check in below and log in to enjoy your favorite song.

[email protected]badstamp16Individual
[email protected]bentwinter21Individual
[email protected]22bluememory22Individual
[email protected]greatrockIndividual
[email protected]bumpyhall1990Individual
[email protected]old42lizardFamily
[email protected]redRhinoFamily
[email protected]coldsoup45Family

Anyway, we just shared a couple of accounts with our first readers. If you need more accounts, go to the Spotify premium account Generator online and get all you want.

Spotify Premium Account Generator – November 2020

Therefore, I’m going to explain how to use the generator and get a free Spotify premium to use on your PC, Android and iPhone:

  1. Open the free Spotify account generator
  2. Press the button “Generate account”
  3. Click the button I’m not a Robot to verify Google Captcha
  4. Upon completion of captcha, the user characters **** will be replaced
  5. Go to Spotify, enter the login and password and listen the best songs
  6. It’s absolutely free of ads
How to get spotify premium free forever
You can get your account from the list or read below to know how to generate a new Spotify Premium account for free.
Spotify premium account generator

In other words, this is the best way to get a Free Spotify Premium account, however we recommend buying the application if you have enough money.

This way, you support Spotify and help your favorite artists to create new songs. Therefore, if you can’t really pay for it, our list of spotify accounts is free to use.

Spotify Premium Generator

How do you get Spotify Premium 2020

Spotify Premium Free for iOS

How to get Spotify Premium Free Android

Free Spotify Accounts and Passwords