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How to watch Netflix for Free in 2021 – Premium Accounts

Get netflix for free

If you need a free netflix account you are in the best place because we are going to explain step by step how you can get a free netflix account to watch free movies and series for life. We’re going to give you a list of accounts with username and password that work for everyone.

If your Netflix free trial has expired or the price to pay is too high, you are in the best place. The streaming service allows their members to watch movies, series, documentaries, tv shows and operating in more than 190 countries. In other words, Netflix has more entertainment than you could ever possibly watch.

There are 3 subscription plans, the Basic Plan $8.99 (the cheapest option), Standard Plan $12.99 and Premium Plan $15.99 with the best High Definition and 4 devices connected at the same time. Don’t worry, we have the solution to get the premium plan for free.

To clarify we have a list of free netflix accounts that will be shared with anyone who needs to watch movies and series. Continue reading to know how to get it.

How to get Netflix for FREE FOREVER?

netflix premium account free

It’s very simple, you only need to check our netflix account list with more than 2000 accounts premium for free. There are a lot of users who have purchased netflix and their account is only used for 1 person, these people kindly decided to share the account with us and we put them on the list. Every week the list is updated with new accounts.

In addition if more than 4 people use the free netflix account, the account will be automatically removed from the list and updated with new accounts. In other words, all existing accounts are valid to be used and works in December 2021 .

Press the button below for a free Netflix generator account or keep reading below 👇

Netflix Free accounts are safe?

watch netflix for free

A lot of people are asking if the free netflix accounts that we share are safe.

Simplified answer: Yes

All accounts are completely secure. The free Netflix generator provides you SSL-certified protection that allows you to navigate the website safely.

Therefore you can use the account on television, PC, tablet, mobile or any other device without problem. Wherever you are, there’s a good series or movie that you can enjoy.

In any case, our list of free Netflix accounts is premium and you can see it in 4K with the best definition possible.

Below, we share a list of Netflix login and password with our readers.

Free Netflix Account and Password December 2021

[email protected]bluewarthog57Premium 4K
[email protected]graywish74Premium 4K
[email protected]31luckysugar21Premium 4K
[email protected]coolbunnyPremium 4K
[email protected]dino1990Premium HD
[email protected]smart42jumpPremium HD
[email protected]niceShapePremium HD
[email protected]crazygirl55Premium HD

We shared a few accounts with our first readers without having to show our entire list of Netflix accounts.

Besides if an account doesn’t work for you, you can go directly to see the full +2000 account list that we’ve shared. Check below and get the full list of working accounts.

Netflix Free trial one month

There is an option to get Netflix 1 month free to watch movies and series. For example to get the trial period, you need to create a new account and enter your credit card number. Ass a result you have netflix 30 day free trial. However, when Netflix free month has ended, you are required to pay. Therefore you can try this option if you need to test. Follow these steps to get a free netflix account for only one month:

  • Firstly choose one of the three plans.
  • Once you have chosen a plan, you need to create an account with email and password.
  • Then he asks for the details of the credit card, as we mentioned earlier.
  • Finally, if all is finished, you can enjoy 1 month free.
  • Be careful, don’t forget that the duration is 30 days free of charge and if you continue with the subscription plan, you will be charged automatically.
  • In other words, it’s a good way to try the service offered, but it’s never going to be free. Read below to see how to get free netflix account.

Actually, if you don’t have a credit card but want a Netflix account generator, the 1 month free method won’t work for you. In your case, I’m going to tell you how to get netflix for free without credit card. We share a list of free Netflix accounts with username and password.

Check the official Netflix website or press the button below “Netflix 30 days free” 👇

Free Netflix Account Generator – December 2021

If you want to use our netflix account generator, you can obtain a new free account every time you use it:

  1. Click button Generate account
  2. Tap the button verify Google Captcha
  3. When captcha is completed, user characters **** will be replaced.
  4. Go to Netflix put the login and password and enjoy the best series and movies.
  5. It’s completely free of advertising.
How to get the +2000 Free Netflix account list
You can see the full list of accounts above or continue reading to know how to make a netflix account for free.
free netflix account generator

Previously we give you a chance to see a list of shared Netflix accounts, this is the safest and easiest way to get a free account.

Therefore, the advantages of a free Netflix account are as follows:

  • Very easy to use
  • Watch movies and series.
  • You can see on a variety of devices (mobile, TV, PC, tablet)
  • You can watch your favorite series or movies without an internet connection.
  • It’s completely free.

In short: We’re showing you a very easy way to see your favorite movies or series in December 2021. If you have money, you can buy a Netflix account, but if you don’t have it, you can use our accounts list.

To conclude, all Netflix account login in our list are free to use and legit.

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